Do you have a room in your house where you store things, like an attic or basement? A place where you’ve been putting random items for years: old clothes, extra furniture, things you tell yourself you may use later – but you know you won’t. Then, one day you open the door to this room and it is out of control. When did this happen? How did it get like this?

You decide you need to clean this place up. You start imagining all the cool things you could do with the freed up space, and how good the room will look once you’ve cleaned it. But, as you begin to sort through the items, you realize this is way too big of a job to handle alone.

So, you invite some friends over to help. After working together, playing around a bit, and generally having a good time, you and your friends accomplish your goal. You’ve cleaned the room. You make your friends promise to help you maintain this amazing new space you’ve created together, and they agree.

This story is true for many people before they start to Train with TMax. They had been storing excess fat and toxins in the rooms of their bodies (stomach, hips, thighs), which made them tired and lack energy. They really wanted to make a change and improve their health, or perhaps return to former glory, but every time they tried, they just couldn’t stick with it. Until they began to Train with TMax, where they met people who were going through the same things, and also wanted to reach fitness goals. Together they were able to motivate each other and push one another to reach those goals.

You have found what you’re looking for if you want to:

  • Improve your level of fitness
  • Make new and interesting friends
  • Make fitness a fun part of your lifestyle

Using functional movements and combining elements from multiple disciplines, we can strengthen our bodies and our minds, and have a fun time doing it with friends.

Every exercise can be performed using your own body weight, so that you progress and gain strength at your own pace and your own rhythm. The only person you are competing with is yourself – and everyday in every way, you will get stronger, faster, better and better.

The TMax wearing his

Always smiling and here to help you reach your fitness goals!

The TMax is an ACE certified fitness professional with a current CPR certification and years of experience. He speaks English, French, and Spanish. He enjoys answering questions about fitness, diet, and well-being.

Invite your friends, come out, practice your English, strengthen your body, and get the most out of your life!

You can start training with TMax today via several routes:

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